Here are the 10 health gadgets worth trying.

Meditation assistant
Strap this headband over your ears and run the app. Soothing sounds calm you. The Muse also measures brain data, which you can review.
Smart glasses
Digital Eye Glasses are computer-supported wearables. Apart from activity tracking, GPS, digital camera et al, some offer augmented reality, fatigue measuring, eyesight correction.
Body fat and muscle tracker
Measures fat percentage, muscle quality using sensors, displayed instantly on screen, and synced via Bluetooth to a mobile app.
Smart shoes
Intelligent footwear from Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, with sensors in the sole connected with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Number of steps, calories burnt, all fitness-related data via app.
Heart rate monitors/ earphones
A chest strap with heart rate sensors knitted into the fabric and Bluetooth earphones with tech to track heart rate. Both linked to an iOS/Android app.
Posture coach
Lumo Lift can be clipped to an undershirt, collar or bra strap. When you slouch, it vibrates and reminds you to correct your posture.
Smart belts
Essentially high-end lifestyle and wellness belts. Samsung's Welt records waist size, eating habits, tracks steps, sitting down time. Belty even self-adjusts when one eats too much.
Fitness trackers/Smart watches
Apple, Jawbone, Fitbit, Misfit, Mi Band... the world is yours if you wish to measure steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt. They also track sleep, monitor heart rate and much more.
Pain belt
Quell uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation technology. The passport-sized device promises relief to nerve-related pain in 15 minutes.
Fitness socks
E-textile sensors capture specialised running data. An anklet snaps to sock's sensors and communicates with an Android app.

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