Ashwagandha churna helps you get relief from stress and boosts your health and immunity. It is made from the goodness of ashwagandha also known as the Indian ginseng. It helps you recover from anxiety and depression, boosts your brain and nervous system and helps you regain strength. It has antioxidant properties which helps in quick recovery from ailments and revitalizes your body. Divya pharmacy brings you ashwagandha churna for holistic cure of body and mind. Take ashwagandha churna to regain that perfect balance of physical-emotional well-being.

Brand Claims

It is a rejuvenating agent which significantly increases the overall immunity and strength of the body. A powerful blend of ayurvedic herbs for instant boost and energy. Price – Rs 60 For 100 gm Dose – 2-5 gm once or twice a day with lukewarm water or milk or as directed by the physician.

Benefits Of The Products

  • Increases immunity and strength. It is used for the treatment of body weakness.
  • It is a powerful stress reliever.
  • Helps in improving memory.
  • Helps in treating sexual dysfunction.
  • Helps in providing sound sleep.
  • Provides relief from anxiety and has anti-ageing benefits.
  • Treats urinary disorder and arthritis.
  • Is also useful in treating insomnia.

Why Should We Make It A Part Of Our Diet?

Ashwagandha is the most delightful gift of nature. If consumed daily it can provide multiple benefits to each part of our body. It is not just a herb but a memory tonic, depression cutter, immunity booster, stress reliever and weakness remover. By incorporating it in your daily routine you can be healthy and strong.

I would recommend this product to each and everyone of. Just remember to consume only the prescribed amount of product for best results. You can see visible difference in your efficiency and energy and your life will take a spin with this wonder product.

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