Hadjod, also called Cissus Quadrangularis, is an ayurvedic medication primarily used for weight loss. Traditionally used in ancient ayurvedic medicine, Himalaya’s Hadjod capsules can help increase the bone density, mineral composition, and enhance the bone regeneration process naturally.


Hadjod is an Ayurvedic medicine used to number of ailments such as bone fractures, joint related problems, osteoporosis and arthritis. The herb may aid in the healing of broken bones and injured joints. It can help increase bone mass by increasing production of bone forming cells, thereby preventing Osteoporosis. Due to its anti-inflammatory and bone healing properties, it may benefit in providing relief from arthritis. Himalaya hadjod tablets also contains appetite suppressant properties that may help in reducing the excess fat stored in the body, thus improving the overall body metabolism.


  • Can facilitate the healing of broken 
  • bones May help increase bone mass 
  • Can provide relief from arthritis and other joint related problems 
  • Regulates the metabolism 
  • Can help maintain body weight 
  • May help fight inflammation

Product Specifications

SKU :  SEN428-Hima-Hadjod-Config

Shelf Life : Best before 2 years from date of manufacturing

Manufacturer : The Himalaya Drug Company, Bengaluru 

Country of Origin : India

Return Policy : Non Returnable

Brand : Himalaya 

Safety Instructions : We does not claim that this product alters/cures/eliminates etc any disease/pain. The users are advised to seek a Dietitian/Physician/Nutritionist's opinion on dosage before consuming any such product.

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